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Winter sowing 3 February 14, 2010

Filed under: Winter sowing — Bibi @ 5:04 pm

What does a girl like me do on valentine’s day? Yes, winter sow.
Did send my husband a nice e-mail because he doesn’t like cards.
I send him this picture:

LOL, I think I had more fun with it than he did. Anyways…

oh yes, winter sowing.
Today I did:
Claytonia Virginica -Spring Beauty (endangered in three states, not in this one but hard to find, I plan on just growing them for the first few years and only harvest the corms when they’re established)
Tussilago Farfara -Colt’s foot (edible but some say can cause liver damage, still a very very interesting wild plant to add)
Portulaca Oleracea- Purslane
Taraxacum Officinalis-Dandelion
Monarda Didyma – have never actually seen or tried this plant but it sounds very promising so I hope it will do well)
Chenopodium album – Lamb’s-quarters (one of our favorites)
Fragaria Virginiana – wild strawberries (hope some fruits will grow this year, my brother in law knows a huge field where the ground is covered with fruits, I’ll dig some up there too when it’s time)


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