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Golden Milk March 30, 2010

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Last Friday, I visited my neighbors and friends on the other side of our field, to show them how to make a tasty drink which will help with arthritis and hopefully also joint pains.

It’s a traditional Ayurvedic (East Indian Medicine) drink for arthritis.
When my parents visited us last year, I made this for them every morning and after 1 1/2 week, my mom, having arthritis, started to notice that her wrist was no longer stiff or painful. She still drinks it everyday and it continues to work for her. She sometimes has days when she feels a little pain but the pain isn’t bad or restricting and doesn’t last long.
I can say the same for me. I started to develop arthritis in my hips last year and about two weeks after I started drinking this milk, the burning sensation vanished and the pain was gone.

If you have arthritis and don’t want to use pain killers, I can highly recommend this.

Around here, it’s hard to find almond oil, so I have to get mine at the Asian Market in Horseheads.
But you can easily find turmeric powder (or kurkuma or geelwortel) at the grocery store or online.

Here’s how you make it.

Part one, turmeric paste:
1. In saucepan, mix one-quarter cup of turmeric powder with one half cup water.
2. Bring to boil and cook until a thick paste is formed.
3. Store paste in refrigerator.

Part two, making the drink:
1. Mix 1 cup milk, one tsp almond oil, one half tsp turmeric paste, and honey to taste.
2. Stir on low heat. Bring just to boil.
3. Blend with blender to make a foamy milk. Serve.

It’s delicious too, so enjoy:-).


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