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Sunday morning walk May 3, 2010

Filed under: Morel mushrooms,Ostrich ferns,Stinging Nettles — Bibi @ 1:45 pm

Me and the husband and the neighbor’s dog went for a long walk in our forest sunday morning. The dog is a lab and seems to have adopted us. She likes to visit us and sit on our porch. She also uses our front door to do her business. But other than that, she’s a great companion on walks. Well, at least at the beginning of the walk but after a couple minutes, she gets distracted by butterflies and moving leaves and what not and off she goes.

What did I find in the forest:
I found oodles of ostrich fern fiddle heads but they are not as thick as I’d like. Maybe if I move some up to a more sunny spot.
Also, I found Spring beauties but didn’t find corms.

I have to say, I wasn’t well prepared this morning.
We were going to look for Morels.
On our walk, I started picking Stinging nettles. Then I got distracted by the Wild lettuce and the Mullein and lost the container with the Stinging nettles and I still don’t remember where I left it.
Then I started collecting fiddle heads in a plastic bag but I ended up with only half of them because the rose bushes made some nice tears in my bag and I didn’t notice it until we got home.
I did not bring a shovel and forgot to take pictures.

And we didn’t find Morels and the fiddle heads tasted horrible.
I’m starting to think that I might be too early or maybe I didn’t prepare them properly.
Anyway, I will take another walk later this week and take pictures this time so you can see how small the fiddle heads are.
And hopefully I will find my container with stinging nettles.


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