Edible wild plants, bees and other health stuff

May 14, 2010

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I’d like to write about the ostrich ferns I found in our woods and that they are indeed ostrich ferns but genetically less palatable and that I am going to buy a bunch of big ostrich ferns and start a patch after all. I’d like to say that we found morels and that they were delicious. I’d like to say that the garden is finished and that the covers of my beehives did not blow off and left my bees unprotected for almost a week. I’d like to say that my dad loved my very first cut comb harvest.
But I’m sad to say that last week, my dad suddenly passed away.
Living abroad really is tough in times like these. We dropped everything and headed for the Netherlands where we stayed with my mother and spent every day with family and close friends.
A heart attack, the doctor said. Which is hard to accept because my dad was fit and only 61.
But in spite of his health and all the help that arrived within three minutes after my dad fell down-a neighbor performing CPR, two ambulances, police, even a helicopter and a fire truck (I guess there wasn’t much to do)-, it was too late.

I am sure he would have loved the honey.
I’m going to miss him very, very much.


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