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Edible wild plants in the Netherlands May 17, 2010

Filed under: Dandelions,Ostrich ferns,Stinging Nettles,Victory garden — Bibi @ 10:44 pm

I will take some pictures this week, so I can show you the Ostrich fern that I planted near the creek, after I picked all five fiddle heads (yeah I know, I should not have done that but they were so good) So, even though I clearly over harvested, two new fronds came up while we were in the Netherlands. Apparently, it’s a great spot for ferns. I ordered ten new Ostrich ferns and will plant them right there as soon as they arrive. And I won’t harvest them till next year.

But for now, I’d like to give a little update about the edible wild plants in the Netherlands.
I have to say, I envy the Dutchies a little bit.
Red clover was already coming up while here, I’m lucky if they come up in August!
The shepherd’s purses were big, so were the plantains and there was an abundance of stinging nettles, white dead nettles and flowering wild leeks EVERYWHERE!
And I found lots of Small burdock, with the round hollow leaf stems.

Back in PA, the bulldozer guys finished our lawn. The grass seeds are sown so now we can’t wait until it starts coming up.
Also, the garden is coming together. I’m still not too happy about the soil, when it dries up after rain, it cracks like desert soil. Color wise, that’s also what it looks like, and the plants act like they’re growing in the desert. They stay small, even the dandelions stay small.
I’ll get some black loose soil and leaf compost to cover or mix with the existing soil. I hope that helps.


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