Edible wild plants, bees and other health stuff

Butterfly garden April 7, 2010

In my victory garden, I also plan a Butterfly garden with mostly edible flowers.

I thought I had written down a whole list of plants and flowers for my butterfly garden but I seemed to have lost it!
What I remember is that you need at least ten different species, food and host plants, a mudbath, rotted fruit and in case you need it, a wind breaker.
There are over 149 butterfly species in PA but I think I’ll be lucky if I attract two kinds, the Monarch and a little white butterfly of which I don’t know the name (yet)

Nectar plants I have:
Marigolds (edible)
Nasturtiums (edible)
Zinnia (edible)
Salvia (edible)
Red Clover (edible)
Bee balm (edible)
Purple Coneflower
Lavender (lavendula angustifolia is the kind often used in cooking. I have this kind and also Munstead lavender, which is said to hold up well in our zone)
Violets (edible)
Yarrow (edible)
I hope I can also dig up some English Asters somewhere.

Host plants I have:
Sassafras tree (edible) but I don’t know if I really want to put this little tree in the butterfly garden and not sure if it’s even going to do well on that spot…
Queen Anne’s Lace (edible)
Plantains (edible)
Nettles (edible)
Thistles (edible)
Violets (edible) note:Yellow violet can cause gastrointestinal distress. Purple violets are safe to eat. Don’t eat African violets which aren’t true violets.


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